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Women in Teaching Ministry: An Exegetical Revision of 1 Tim 2:12 • Saara Hanke

Women in Teaching Ministry: An Exegetical Revision of 1 Tim 2:12 • Saara Hanke

Based on an exegetical revision of 1 Timothy 2:12-15, this book argues that Paul’s statement, “I do not permit a woman to teach (didasko) or to exercise authority over a man” was intended to keep false teaching in Ephesus in check. As such, it applies to false teachers in general, which includes both men and women, and, in the particular historical context of 1st century Ephesus, to the young widows who were spreading false doctrine in chapter 5. Paul believed that these widows could still be rehabilitated into the church community, something Paul did not believe was possible with their former role models, the excommunicated false teachers Hymenaeus and Alexander (1:19-20). Peace and building up should characterize relationships in the church. Paul’s solution was (a) to put good teachers in their place, and (b) to get the young widows to “learn” (manthano) in “submission” (hupotagé) to good teaching, so that hopefully one day they would be able to teach good doctrine. Paul’s social solution was that the young widows should marry, “bear and bring up children” (teknogonia), so that they would be too busy (with constructive and good things) to destroy the churches. In this way, they “save” (sozo) themselves and those who listen to them, just like the prophets who preached to Israel in the Old Testament (Ezekiel 3:21; 33:9, etc.) and Timothy, who preached the good doctrine in Ephesus (4:16). While parts of this exegetical perspective can be found in the German-language literature, there are elements to the overall picture that this book contributes.


Topics: Women’s ministry, 1 Timothy 2, women ordination,  Ephesus, false doctrine, women in teaching ministry


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    • Paperback: 79 pages
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    • Series: Peace by the Spirit Series (PSS 9)
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