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PSS 8: Adopted as sons and daughters into the Fatherhood of God (Willem Biesheuvel)

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Price: 15 EUR paperback/ 25 EUR hardcover/ 9.99 EUR ebook Kindle

Size: 6x9in; 86 pages


This thesis is the result of the author’s interest in the Fatherhood of God and its impact on the identity of the believer. A study of the Fatherhood of God is done by looking at Paul’s adoption metaphor in Romans 8:14-17. It begins with a description of the Fatherhood of God in the Old and New Testaments. This is followed by a detailed exegesis of Paul’s adoption metaphor. The metaphor of adoption will be considered in its Greco-Roman background and the legal practice of adoption, as well as in its Old Testament background in the theme of ‘sonship’. Following the exegesis and description of Paul’s adoption metaphor, a connection is made with principles for the identity of the believer. The adoption of the believer into the Fatherhood of God contains principles that are of great value for the believer and for pastoral theology. The implications for the believer are described in terms of identity, spiritual, moral and ministry implications. The adoption metaphor contains principles and implications that can be related to emotional problems such as anxiety, low self-esteem, rejection, depression, and other identity problems. The believer’s adoption into the Fatherhood of God has a positive impact on self-worth, mental health, and a sense of purpose and meaning in life. Adoption into the Fatherhood of God also motivates and empowers the believer to overcome fear and bondage. A deeper understanding of the believer’s adoption into the Fatherhood of God will lead to emotional healing and personal growth.

The author:

Willem Biesheuvel studied theology at Continental Theological Seminary (Belgium). He is currently working as a teacher at the Follow Me Bible College in the Netherlands. Willem has a heart for missions and sharing God’s Word.

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