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Amos: A Short Bible Study

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Size: 6x9in; 41 pages


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Amos, who is believed to be the earliest of the writing prophets, was a shepherd and farmer called to prophesy during the rule of Uzziah (792-740 B.C.) in the southern kingdom and Jeroboam II (793-753) in the northern kingdom. This period saw political stability, leading to economic prosperity. However, it was also marked by idolatry, excess, and corruption. The rich and influential took advantage of the poor. Amos passionately rebuked the Israelites for straying from religious tenets and perpetuating social inequalities, warning them that catastrophe would ensue as a result of their covenant violations. He exhorted them to abandon the pretense of their "solemn assemblies" (5:21) and, alternatively, to "let justice swell like a mighty stream" (v. 24). In spite of this, Amos insisted that God would remain faithful to His covenant with Israel and eventually restore a committed remnant.

Key concepts :

fire (ʾēsh/אֵשׁ)

just character of God (mišpāṭ/משְִׁפּטָ)

fruit ( פְּרְִי /perî)

transgression" (pʾēsha/ פֶּשֶַַׁע)

evil ( רָעהָ /rāʿâ)

and more

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